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Malabar Logistics was started by the MD, Ritchie Callaghan and his then business partner. A warehouse in Lubumbashi, three employees and a vision of the future, linked to a lot of hard work, saw the start of what is now a major business group in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Malabar Business Travel was another trailblazing idea – with the mineral and mining wealth of DRC starting to attract major international consortiums and industries, Ritchie Callaghan spotted the need for an airport private lounge to help business people with their entry and exit procedures into DRC. The VIP Lounge at Luano International Airport in Lubumbashi was the first of its kind in the country and now welcomes hundreds of grateful visitors a day. 
Malabar Security was started as a direct result of problems with security for minerals in transit. The business became a regional industry leader, setting the standard for Goods-In-Transit (GIT) security. In 2012 remote site security was added to the services. Malabar Security again quickly made a name for itself in this sector, with a proven ability to reduce on-site theft and to significantly limit artisanal mining activity on mine and exploration sites in Katanga. 
Malabar Clearing Agency was a logical addition to the Group, adding customs clearing to the services offered to national and international clients. The Agency has gone from strength to strength and has attracted numerous strategically important key clients.
Malabar Connect shows that Malabar Group’s international standing is further increasing, with FedEx demonstrating confidence in the Group by making it the official licensee for courier services throughout DRC. With IT and insurance services added to the remit, this further broadens the wide range of operations that Malabar Group can deliver.