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Malabar Business Travel is able to take care of all of your travel requirements in DRC, both for domestic and international travel.

Malabar Business Travel started in 2003, offering what at the time was a totally new and innovative service. The VIP Lounge at Luano International Airport in Lubumbashi is a haven for business travellers who can relax while all the paperwork and administration is taken care of for them.


The operation includes services at Kolwezi and the capital Kinshasa. Business travellers and company executives are welcomed to the VIP Lounge by the friendly, professional and bilingual staff, who can assist with all arrival and departure formalities. This extends to passengers who are in transit through
Luano International Airport.


Facilities include:


  • International and domestic airline tickets
  • Full protocol services at Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Kinshasa airports
  • Lounges available at Lubumbashi airport, with complimentary wi-fi
  • A selection of food and refreshments
  • Airport shuttle
  • Hotel bookings
  • Ground handling and other services for charter flights
  • DRC visas
  • Dubai visas
  • Vehicle hire



Malabar Business Travel is an IATA approved agent


IATA is the airline industry association that is involved in every aspect of airline operations and management. IATA consults and works with both airlines and travel agents in order to develop standards and practices for the sale of international air transportation by IATA accredited agents.

The purpose of IATA Accreditation is to formally recognise travel agents that are authorised to sell and issue international airline tickets.

The Accreditation process has a set of criteria that need to be achieved. They are global in nature, but modified to meet local circumstances as may be required. The criteria includes such areas as:


  • Staff Qualifications
  • Security of Business Premises
  • Finances
  • Management